Shri Narsimha Saraswati Medical Foundation


The patient will have to go through a variety of tests to properly help decide which procedure is best in the patient’s unique case. There will be PAC check-up for medical fitness, a blood check-up, a blood investigation, an x-ray, an ECG and a 2D Echo test. After these tests the patient will proceed into the blood bank stage and then to the actual surgery.
There will be a seven-day waiting period for the surgery.
During the recovery and rehabilitation period, you will get a specialized diet and physiotherapy to help you return to your normal life faster.
The patient will have to adhere to the follow-up protocol that we have set up to ensure you get the best care possible. Three weeks after the surgery, the patient will need to go through adjuvant therapy to stop the cancer from coming back. Adjuvant therapy will consist of either chemotherapy or radiation therapy.